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Reese, the director and the cast of The Good Lie, attended the Press Conference at Toronto International Film Festival today. Make sure to check the first pictures in our gallery:

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Sep 08, 2014
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In a wide-ranging discussion, the actress explained the important message of her new film. Wild wasn’t just the most physically challenging role of Reese Witherspoon’s career. It also offered the actress an opportunity to have a frank discussion about sexuality with her 15-year-old daughter.

“There’s a lot of explicit sex scenes in this movie,” Witherspoon said during a Mavericks conversation Sunday night at the Toronto Film Festival. “And she’s like, ‘Oh no!’ ”

In a wide-ranging discussion, which took place at Glenn Gould Studio, the actress talked about tackling Jean-Marc Vallee’s film — based on a best-selling memoir by Cheryl Strayed — as well her role in another Toronto film, Philippe Falardeau’s The Good Lie.

She said there’s a lesson in Wild, which centers on a sexually daring woman who overcomes a string of personal tragedies by hiking more than 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The lesson: Young girls are conditioned to feel shame about their sexuality, and that’s not OK.

“It’s such an important message about female sexuality,” she said. “We kissed that guy or we had sex with that dude in college. We’re totally ashamed of so many things. I think this movie says, ‘That’s OK. Maybe I was meant to sleep with all those guys. Maybe I wanted to. Maybe if I could go back and do it all again, I’d do the same thing.’ It’s a total liberation, especially for young women.”

Sep 07, 2014
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Today, Reese held the red carpet of The Good Lie Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. She was wearing a beautiful purple Dolce & Gabana dress and you can check the first pictures in our gallery:

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Public Appearances > 2014 > “The Good Lie” Premiere | 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (09.07)

Sep 06, 2014
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Reese attends the 2014 Stand Up To Cancer telecast held at Dolby Theatre on September 5. We’ve added the first pictures in our gallery. Make sure to check out but stay tuned for more!

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Sep 04, 2014
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A new promotional still of Reese and Arnold Oceng in the film The Good Lie has been released. Make sure to check out in our gallery!


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Sep 04, 2014
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It was announced that Wild will be the first movie to screen at the 2014 San Diego Film Festival later this month.

Remember that in a few days Reese is headed to appear at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Premiere or first screening for Wild will be on Sept. 8 and The Good Lie has its premiere on Sept 7. Stay tuned on our site for more information.